16 January 2023


In this issue:

Introduction to the Local Offer webinar (for all ages)

We will be running a webinar on Thursday 19 January at 8pm for parents and carers and professionals working with children with SEND.

The Local Offer website lets parents, young people and professionals know what special educational needs and disabilities services are available in Hertfordshire, and who can access them. There is so much more than that, too.  A friendly face from the Local Offer team will take you through what’s on the website and how you can use it to find the right services and support.


To attend, save the meeting details in your diary, and join online using MS Teams.

Thursday 19 January 2023, 8pm – 8.45pm

Click here to join the meeting 

Meeting ID: 337 626 830 757
Passcode: JCQeBC

Wizzybugs loan scheme for disabled children (for ages 14 months - 5 years)

Designability is a national charity that enables disabled people to live with greater independence.  They offer a free loan scheme for 'wizzibugs' which are designed for physically disabled children, including children living with cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy, as well as children with amputations or other conditions that affect their ability to walk.  Wizzybug is an electrically powered wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use, with adult supervision. Children use Wizzybugs at home and at pre-school, and in outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens and playgrounds.Young child in a \'wizzibug\' on a footpath

  • Wizzybug is Free
  • Suitable for children with mobility issues from 14 months to age 5
  • Families can apply direct online via our website
  • Appointments are held at our HQ in Bath, as well as at William Merritt Centre in Leeds
  • Families on low income can apply to our Access Fund for support with the cost of attending their appointment
  • Wizzybug is returned to us at the end of the loan to be refurbished for another family to enjoy

Find out more about the Wizzibug loan scheme.

Winter Wellbeing for Hertfordshire’s Children and Young People (all ages)

Winter days can sometimes leave you feeling a bit gloomy. This year will be no exception - especially with the added pressures of money worries, which may be affecting you and/or your family, friends and neighbours. Take a look at Just Talk’s practical ideas for using the Five Ways to Wellbeing, to help keep you and your family on top form.

Always ask for help if you need it and don’t ever struggle on alone. Find out about some great free services to contact for advice and help that don’t need a professional referral here.

BSL Zone television programmes (for Deaf BSL users of all ages)

The BSL Zone Player aims to reach every BSL user with BSL programmes that they love to watch.  The programmes are commissioned by the The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) whose core target audience is Deaf BSL users of all ages, and all are made in British Sign Language.BSLZone Foodfighters children cookery programme

One of their most popular programmes is 'Food Fighters' - a children's cookery series presented by Marios Costi where 4 children complete 2 challenges to impress the judges.

Watch Food Fighters Episode 1 on BSL Zone

Families in Focus research on parenting support during lockdown

Families in Focus, a Hertfordshire-based community organisation, have recently published a research report into the support they provided to parents and carers during the lockdown, and what it means for best practice as we come out of the pandemic.

They hope to use the learning from their research to help improve support for families in the future.  During the pandemic Francine and Lesley (the Directors of Families Focus) found ways to deliver training, and to successfully support families of children with SEND in meaningful, impactful, and cost-effective ways.   The research clearly shows the importance of this type of support for parents and carers of children with SEND, which proved to be a lifeline for many parents.

To download the research report please visit the Families in Focus website.  


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Angels: Supporting Children with ASD/ADHD: Emotionally Based School Avoidance - online

Tuesday 24 January 10am - 12pm

This session will be delivered by Angels’ Specialist Support Practitioners, and looks to help unpick where the barriers may be for your child. We will explore what strategies and accommodations could help to make your child feel less stressed about going to and being in school.

Potential Kids: Community Connect drop-in sessions

Friday 20 January 11am - 1pm, Potential Kids Garden, Galleria Hatfield

EVERYONE in the community is welcome!  Do join us for a nice and relaxing cuppa on Friday.  Relax, keep warm, recharge your batteries, and improve your mental health.   

Family Lives: Bringing up confident SEN children (6 week online course)

Wednesdays, 7 - 9 pm starting 25 January

This programme provides support, information and resources to parents/carers and adult family members so they can help their child reach their full potential.