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Who's who

HCC SEND teams

0-25 Together Team

Contact: 0-25 Central@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01438 844660 (For all area teams)

Head of 0-25 Together:  Andy Lawrence

Service Managers: Nicola Alston (East)

                               Garth Taljaard (West)

CYP SEND Brokerage Team

Telephone: 01438 844254


The Brokerage team organise care packages for children and young people receiving services through 0-25 Together Service following an assessment of need. The team also provides a community navigation service for families open to the 0-25 Together Service, supporting children & young people to access opportunities and be included in their community.

Team Manager: Hazel Yabsley

Brokerage & Commissioning Manager: Paul Mitchell

Service Provision Officers: Kim Coombes, Louisa Cannon, Mike Owen, Sabit Jakupovic, Heather Orde

Service Provision Administrative Assistants: Charlotte Healy, 1 vacant post

SEND Commissioning

Telephone: 01438 845433

Commissioning Manager: Julie Reddish

Commissioning and Monitoring Officer: Nadia Costa

Commissioning and Monitoring Officer: Sheila Smith

Commissioning and Monitoring Officer:  Andrew Burt

 Senior Support Officer:  Rachel Naylor

Families First 

Families First is Hertfordshire’s whole system way of working with all partner agencies in supporting family outcomes at a local level. It brings together organisations that provide early help services under one umbrella to make sure we all deliver consistent practice and clear processes

Head of Early Intervention and Intensive Family Support: Jackie Clementson

Service Managers:

Christine Oker - Partnerships, Practice and Development Manager

Karen Dorney – Operations Manager IFST

Katie Thornton – Partnership and Implementation Manager (on maternity leave)

Simon Gentry – Business Manager

Families First Portal

The Families First portal is a resource aimed at families and professionals and contains a directory of organisations, services and groups in Hertfordshire that can support families with problems they may be facing.  Professionals can also access a range of information, advice and tools to help them in delivering early help services under the Families First umbrella.  The portal can be found online here

Families First Coordinators

There is a named Senior Families First Coordinator and Families First Coordinator covering each local double district* to champion, promote and support effective use of Families First.  They also provide information, advice, guidance and practice support on Families First delivery model, processes and Early Help Module (EHM) system. You can contact the Families First Helpdesk on

Phone: 01438 737575

Email: familiesfirstassessment@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Intensive Family Support Teams (IFST)

Intensive Family Support teams work with families with multiple and complex needs who would benefit from more intensive support.

IFST teams are divided into the following *double districts:

Dacorum and St Albans 

East Herts and Broxbourne

Stevenage and North Herts

Watford and Three Rivers

Welwyn Hatfield and Hertsmere

YC Hertfordshire Learning Difficulties and Disabilities Team (LDD)

Offers young people with LDD aged 13-25 impartial information, advice and guidance on their post-16 options such as further education, training, employment and independent living.

YC Hertfordshire LDD Team Manager - Tracy Noble

Contact: YC.LDD@hertfordshire.gov.uk 

Telephone: 0300 123 7538

Head of Service for Young People - Andy Manson

SEND Support

SEND Information, advice and support service (SEND IASS)

Contact: SENDIASS@hertfordshire.gov.uk    Telephone: 01992 555847 

Manager : Karen Edwards

Integrated Services for Learning (ISL)

Area Leads:

North Herts & Stevenage

Area manager + county lead for statutory SEND: Sally Glossop


East Herts, Broxbourne, Welwyn & Hatfield and

Area manager + county lead for Strategy, Performance and Quality:

David Butcher



St. Albans & Dacorum

ISL Area Manager + Professional Lead for SEND Specialist Advice & Support Service:   

Patricia Walker


Watford, Three Rivers & Hertsmere

Area manager + county lead for Access and Inclusion: Richard Woodard


Integrated Services for Learning telephone advice lines

Early Years Services

(Previously Family Services Commissioning)

Contact: localoffer@hertfordshire.gov.uk

Development Managers: Alex Brace / Pablo Benvenettu (maternity leave cover for Jennifer Roissetter)

Editor: SEND News: Project Manager, Dee de Bruin

Transforming SEND services team

Lead for Transforming SEND services programme : Tony Fitzpatrick