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A wellbeing extravaganza evening just for you!

You are invited to join an exclusive and FREE online Potential Kids event for SEND Parent/Carers and recharge your batteries!

Potential Kids Wellbeing extravaganza evening has been put together to support  parents and carers mental health & wellbeing during these challenging times. Find some time just for yourselves and join in on 

27th November from 7:30pm -9:00pm

During the evening you will hear about different wellbeing strategies and ways to support your mental health. In addition, Potential Kids will welcome these fantastic guests: 

  1. Sara Stanner, Head of Science at the British Nutrition Foundation will give us tips and nutritional advice.
  2. Suzanne Davies, Founder of Babacool will teach us some Breathing Techniques to cope with stress & anxiety.  We’ll also have the opportunity meditate and relax with Suzanne. 
  3. Lotte Mikkelsen, Founder of UnitedMind Laughter Yoga will be lifting our spirits with her Yoga Laughter session

This Lockdown Wellbeing Evening will be a night to remember.. you cannot miss it! 

Book here: 

Further information is available by emailing: 


Free mental health workshop for young people 12+ years

Potential Kids are offering a free mental health workshop for young people 12+ years this Wednesday -

18 November 2020

Click on the image above for details or email

Libraries are open for Ready Reads – Putting free books in the hands of children

We all know how it important it is for children to have access to books.

During the current lockdown, Hertfordshire libraries are offering a new way to borrow books, Ready Reads- We select you collect.

During this lockdown period, you can order books for your child and yourself using the online form and then collect from a selected library.

Go online here to place your order! Remember you must be a library member.

If you are unable to access online services, you can contact Libraries on 0300 123 4049 and a member of the team will be able to help fill out the form.

We understand some families have not felt able to visit the library for a while and this may be an easier way to borrow. Also, our requests service is fully operational so for specific books these can be ordered through our catalogue and picked up in the same way.

Never have books been more important, not only supporting children with their reading but also with their health and wellbeing, enabling them to leave behind the daily stresses and escape into imaginary worlds.

You can find the latest information about Hertfordshire libraries re-opening plans and our online services on our website.



Free weekly online entertainment offering 4 hours of FREE, fully interactive online entertainment EVERY WEEK!

Each show is designed to bring together, unite and delight the incredible learning disabled community by providing routine, company and friendship at a time when social interaction has been further compromised.

If you haven't already - come ZOOM with us and be part of the shows. Just sign in each time via your personal account at  or watch Live on Facebook

Your 4 hours of  FREE fully interactive weekly entertainment is: 

Fri     - SINGALONG - 4.30pm
Sat    - THE BREAKFAST CLUB - 8.00am

 For the Learning Disabled Community EVERYWHERE

Please note : Sharing this information in SEND News does not indicate product awareness or endorsement by Hertfordshire County Council.


Courses provided by Contact this week . . .

Wellbeing for parents/carers of children with additional needs

Understand clearly what stress is & how it affects you. Identify new ways of coping with stress & reducing your stress levels. Try new stress busting ideas until you find ones that fit with you! 

Wednesday 18th November  7:30 pm : Booking via

Encouraging Positive Behaviour in children aged up to 16

Gain a better understanding of why children with additional needs behave the way they do. Learn ways to handle difficult situations in a calm, stress-free manner. Explore ways of supporting and encouraging your child and how to get support and help.

Thursday 19th November 10:00 am : Booking via

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