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“Just” the flu?

Each year the flu kills on average 11,000 people and hospitalises thousands more. There’s no 'just' about it.

The flu virus spreads from person to person. Even amongst those not showing symptoms.

The flu vaccine is the best protection for you and those around you. It’s available for free to those most at risk. Ask your GP or pharmacist.

You can click on the image on the right to download more Public Health information.

We've taken a few of the FAQs from NHS England for you-

How and when will people be contacted? Do they have to wait to be contacted before booking a vaccine?

People who are eligible will be contacted by their GP and/or receive a letter from the NHS Immunisation Management System. However, you do not have to wait to be contacted before booking a vaccine.

Does anyone need to bring evidence with them if they want to book a free vaccine before they receive a letter?

No, you don’t need to bring evidence with you, but if you receive an invitation or reminder letter it would help the NHS if you brought that with you when you have your appointment.

When will the vaccine be available?

Some vaccine is available from September and more will be become available in October and November.

What safety measures are taken by GPs and pharmacists?

GP and pharmacists will take all necessary measures to make sure the flu vaccine is given in a safe environment. Venues will be disinfected, staff will wear protective equipment and social distancing will be in place

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