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Make a splash with Salmons

“For fun, for fitness, for friendship” . . .

Thats the motto of the Salmon Disabled Swimming Club of St. Albans – a fair description of the opportunities they provide for those with special educational needs or disabilities to swim safely.

Every Saturday afternnon, Salmon swimming club holds swimming sessions for those with SEND from 4.00-5.30pm at Westminster Lodge Sports Centre (WLSC), St. Albans. Their disability facitlities are excellent and trained and experienced life guards are on duty to support and enable people to get into the water

Disabled members can join for a low annual fee of just £6 (£1 discount, if paid by SO or BACs) and there are no session fees for members to swim each Saturday.  All that is requited is a letter from a GP (or other health care professional) that simply states that it "would benefit their condition and that they wouldn't consider it a safety risk".

Members’ family and carers can also join as associates and swim with them.

Using adapted coach transport, Salmons also arranges social trips and events for members to encourage social interaction between members.

Read more about them by downloading their leaflet here or visiting their website at

Photo below is Mark - who tells us why he loves swimmiing - click below to see a short you tube film

Call Chris Bowles: 07956 340720  or email for more information

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