SEND news

College help and mentoring for young people with SEND

The My Future Programme is a year long trial with North Hertfordshire College aimed at helping young people with SEND who attract High Needs Funding.

The programme is about providing impartial careers advice, bespoke coaching and employment adviser support to help the young person transition out of college into positive activities and employment as appropriate, when the time is right.   The Programme will also provide support to parents to help them recognise other opportunities exist outside of education. The overall aim of the programme is to reduce High Needs Funding costs.

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully recruited all the staff for the My Future Programme and they will join YC Hertfordshire early in September.

The My Future Programme will be run on a trial basis for a year, starting in September and run in conjunction with North Hertfordshire College supporting 35 young people ready to leave college. YC Hertfordshire is piloting the programme.

If the trial proves successful, the programme will be rolled out across all of the Hertfordshire colleges.

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