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Worried about your child’s sensory development?

The Hertfordshire Community Trust’s Children’s Occupational Therapy service is running free online courses during the Autumn term – 2 more dates are available

Monday 16th November 10am-11am  

Wednesday 9th December 10am-11am  

You can find out about courses on ‘Supporting your child’s sensory Self-Regulation development’ here

HCT also has a dedicated telephone number which parents, carers and professional can call to speak to a therapist about a new referral or child’s development.

The advice line number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please leave a message at 01992 823093 and a therapist will contact you.

Calls are responded to by a therapist on weekdays an you can find out more on their advice lines here

If your child is already known to the service there is a different number - please call 01923 470680 or email

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