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Worried about your child’s sensory development?

The Hertfordshire Community Trust’s Children’s Occupational Therapy service is running free online courses during the Autumn term – 2 more dates are available

Monday 16th November 10am-11am  

Wednesday 9th December 10am-11am  

You can find out about courses on ‘Supporting your child’s sensory Self-Regulation development’ here

HCT also has a dedicated telephone number which parents, carers and professional can call to speak to a therapist about a new referral or child’s development.

The advice line number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please leave a message at 01992 823093 and a therapist will contact you.

Calls are responded to by a therapist on weekdays an you can find out more on their advice lines here

If your child is already known to the service there is a different number - please call 01923 470680 or email

Parenting support

In Hertfordshire our ambition is that all children are given the best start in life, with parents and professionals working together to provide all the opportunities children need to become happy, healthy and successful adults.

Hertfordshire’s overall commitment is that no child, family or community is left behind. This means that all children are given the opportunity to achieve the best outcome they can. One of our key services to enable this to happen is our menu of high quality training courses that will support parents to be the best that they can. Celebrating October ADHD awareness month we have a selection of courses on this topic as support and information for parents/carers.

A list of upcoming relevant courses can be downloaded here.


Create your own Mind Plan to better mental health

On October 10th we celebrated Mental Health day. This annual event is held to help raise awareness about how every day can present challenges to those struggling with mental health issues.

Every Mind Matters offers a range of resources that help you spot the signs of common mental health concerns. It offers practical self-care tips and guidance and, importantly, explains when to seek further support.

There is also a free NHS-approved online tool called Your Mind Plan. Simply answer 5 quick questions to get your personalised plan of simple ideas to help improve mental health and wellbeing.

Wash hands, cover face, make space! Are you doing your bit?

Watch the latest video from the Purple All-Stars explaining how important it is to wear a face covering in the community.

We know that exemptions are available to people who cannot wear masks due to their learning disability or other health problems, but we think it is important to explain to people why wearing a mask if you can helps protect you and those around you.

Face coverings have now become compulsory when using public transport and in a number of public settings, to help keep yourself and others safe. If you have a health condition or disability that makes wearing a face mask challenging you can download or print an exemption card here.

You may wish to share this link of the Purple Stars with friends and family

Hand washing

Respiratory issues are the leading cause of death for people with learning disabilities. Good hand hygiene to reduce the spread of the cold and flu virus is therefore very important. The Purple All Stars show the different stages to washing your hands thoroughly. Watch the hand washing rap

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